Riva Ariston - Classic Wooden Motorboat Restoration

Riva Ariston

Fine Wooden Boats has undertaken five Riva Ariston restoration to date, we have been very privileged to have our restoration work shown at the london boat show on the Riva stand to represent the heritage of the Riva brand.

The Ariston was the boat that Carlo Riva was most fond of. He described it as being ‘designed with love, born pure and strong like a pedigree horse, Alongside the Aquarama, the Ariston is perhaps Riva's best known model, considered to be the purest classical Riva shape, and certainly one of its most popular. The Ariston was available in three different versions.


Riva Ariston
riva boat in the water
Riva Ariston at speed
riva chrome fittings
Riva boat
riva ariston Ruby