Super Azzurro - Luxury Modern Runabout for Sale

The New Super Azzurro "Our latest creation"

The design idea for the Super Azzurro was to produce a luxury runabout craft that could fit in a garage and be pulled by a normal car rather than a 4x4, the low weight of this craft at around 440kg including the 20hp engine shown in the photos, this means a non braked trailer can be used to pull her along.

We wanted to produce something useable, luxurious and fun for all the faimly. The abbility to take the Super Azzurro out of the garage and away on holiday with you when it is convenient, be it just a quick weekend holiday or just a day out.

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The hull of the Super Azzurro is made from an epoxy composite, this includes glass fiber, kevlar and carbon fiber making her hull light durable and a lot less prone to maintence requirements assoicated with wooden hulls.


"Our latest creation the Super Azzurro"
Length 5.650 m
Beam1 1.710 m
Hull Material Epoxy composite
Guests 6
Fuel Type: petrol
Engine Type Outboard
Cat. D

Hull No.2   £48,550.00 including vat 

this includes a new trailer, engine at additional cost to the above. 

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